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715 Discovery Boulevard, #204
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Phone: 512.259.9899

Beach Please.

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Beach Please.

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Let’s get caught up!

On Wednesday’s we are open until 6pm. Wednesday’s are also the only day that we are open after 4pm.  Generally, you may find that we are here outside of those posted hours, but Wednesday’s are the only day that we have a receptionist after 4pm.  I really try to keep someone in here to be able to help our guests when they are shopping, so, if you drive by and the door is locked after 4pm, just know it’s because want to give you all the attention you deserve while you are here and we don’t want you to feel ignored while we tend to our clients in the chair.

This past month, Heidi & Cassidee were at Camp Lucy working their magic on this beautiful Bride!  Just a reminder, we have three makeup artists and seven hairstylists.  We can take care of it all, however you will almost have to book at least 4/5 months in advance.  We do require a non-refundable deposit and trials are must.  Make your Reservation HERE!


Claudia | Victoria | Jennifer | Cassidee | Heidi | Lisa


Cassidee | Heidi | Lisa


We will be open Saturday until 4pm!

You can schedule your Appointment HERE!

Have Questions? Comment Below!

We get asked a lot about the different levels of our stylists when people call to make an appointment.  One thing that really isn’t exposed in our industry is that there are people that have been crowned as a ‘master stylist’ that still haven’t mastered certain things and that’s okay, however, time can not tell you if someone is a master at anything.  So, when someone asks how long someone has been doing hair, rather that just taking an opportunity to look at their work on social media, it makes me giggle.   I don’t really believe we can be the master of all things, but I do believe it’s important to surround yourself with others that have mastered those things that you have not.  There’s balance in that belief though!  When I first started doing hair in this area, I offered so many services because I wanted to fill my schedule…. I had bills!  Anything I could learn how to do, and I could do within my licensing, I did!  So, believe me when I say, there’s a balance and that’s called hustled… lol, a whole different subject.  What I like about what we have created in my salon is recognizing what our strengths and weaknesses are.  For instance, I have been doing hair for almost 12yrs.  I love doing Hair Extensions.  I would consider myself a master at extensions.  The extensions I put in my clients hair will last them up to 16wks and I will still need to remove 95% of them when it’s time for a new set.  That’s unusual and really awesome, but even though I’ve been doing hair for as long as I have, I wouldn’t consider myself a master at short or curly hair.  Claudia has been doing hair for seven years and is a master at precision haircuts and color.  Victoria is a master a natural nails and curly hair!  If you’re looking for a bold pattern or edgy bob, Jennifer is your girl and she also loves wavy/curly hair.  Cassidee kills it with pixies and is such a natural that when we tell people she’s only been out of school for two years, they look confused.  Heidi is a queen at ashy blondes and Lisa loves smooth, beautiful, long hair and makeup is her passion!

My point is, if you really want to get a feel for our stylists, come in and have a consult.  You never know what you may be missing out on because you think a stylist hasn’t been doing hair long enough to do your hair.

We each offer basically the same services, but we know each other so well, we can tell you who would be a better fit for whomever.  Most people don’t get it until they come to the salon.  Come see for yourself!


Until Next Time…

XO, Brandi





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